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blendART Barber Studio bringing a new look to Mokena,IL.

Let's start off by introducing myself. My name is Marlowe, owner of blendART Barber Studio, which is located at 19831 S. LaGrange Rd. Mokena, IL. I've been barbering for nearly 15+years and still enjoy every second of it! The biggest question I've received from new/old clients is, "WHY MOKENA?" Well the answer lies in what I see and predict for the future of this part of the south suburbs. Just looking back 5 years ago, Mokena and its surrounding townships were unincorporated and no where near developed. Now fast forward to the present and take a look. I see change here and I want to be a part of that "change". Second questions asked is, "YOU THINK MOKENA IS READY FOR URBAN CULTURE?" Well honestly, I don't know? I believe the people here have been ready but they need more of that "DARE TO BE DIFFERENT" attitude. Lastly, America was built on small business so why are we falling victim to these chain "HAIR CUTTERS" who lack the knowledge of a true tonsorial artist. Barbering is becoming a lost art and I'm here to show the community what a true barber technician is capable of doing. HOPE YOU'RE READY FOR ME MOKENA!



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